by Pseudo/Sentai

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Une véritable petite pépite de rock prog expérimental ! Bansheeface s'empare avec bonheur d'éléments a priori hétéroclites et les place dans son creuset pour en faire quelque chose de neuf. à découvrir d'urgence ! Favorite track: Classic Tactics of Xenocide.
Stéphane Gallay
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Stéphane Gallay C’est volontairement très décousu et discordant, mais pas dénué d’intérêt pour autant. Une petite moitié de l’album consiste en des titres plutôt mélodiques et très sympas, mais dès que le groupe force trop sur la molette « expérimental » – et, soyons clairs, des fois ça monte jusqu’à 11 – ça devient très dur pour moi de m’accrocher au truc.
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Freakalope Such ridiculousness!! It's like if Queen, early Yes and Big Big Train got together, had steamy man love, and broke the rules of nature to make this band. Favorite track: The Holy Metamorphacity.
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Recorded in late 2013 to early 2014.
Engineered by Colin Marston
Written from 2008-2013. Recording based off the 200 page of sheet music interpretation and a few old demos.

Produced by Pseudo/Sentai with some Marston input.

With a purchase of the album you will receive liner notes explaining the concept and the album.
released October 16, 2015
"I’m glad I took the risk, because this is a corker. On first listen, Bansheeface comes across as a blend of Yes and The Mars Volta, minus the frilliness of the former and the self-indulgence of both. But, though these influences are undeniably strong, there’s a lot more to Bansheeface than this initial impression suggests... Bansheeface is a fantastic album with broad appeal, and you should buy it immediately."
"...a massive epic involving a clearly enormous travail - transcending genre boundaries and instead speaking to a more profound reality that everyone can relate too - even if the music might initially be alienating. The point is - if you can crack the surface of Bansheeface then it is well worth it - this is music taken to a strange new level and digging into it will never leave me bored."


released October 16, 2015

[RED] and [BLUE]
Also features Sawyer "Oak Sawblade" Sawyer on many guitars, Jon "Arthropunch" Ehlers on bass, Jeff "The Herdsman" Eber on Drums, and Admiral Grey as the Bansheeface.
Album Cover: Grace Passerotti (IG: @gracepasserotti)



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Pseudo/Sentai Columbus, Ohio

[RED] = Scott Baker: Vocals/Guitar/Programming
[BLUE] = Greg Murphy: Guitar/Vocals/Programming

We are here to save the world.

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Track Name: Quantum Cardboard
(In which the Sentai discover a mysterious relic from in the ocean)
Track Name: Sleeping Closer to the Ground
(In which the Bansheeface is laid to unrest; the Middle...)

Lock her up tight before you fall asleep tonight, Silently while you feed her to the worms. Tensions running high.
"Do you mean what you imply?"
I SWEAR BY THE VINES THAT CLIMB DOWN FROM HER SPINE... "...That you will never see her face again.
You can consider her cadaverous!"
And while you think the young ones are safe and sound,
She's sleeping closer to the ground.

They've been taken in, much to the chagrin Of the sacrifice they will become!
Why did I wait, to assassinate
Her before the misdeed was done?

“Kickstart the rapid tragedy magnet, may it pervert the Earth!” They cry but know not why. She supplied them lies!
The lions will absorb the destructor they morn.

“Deploy the cavalry to the battlefield!” This world doesn't run on good intentions! The pallbearers leave a streak in the crowd. Defeated, they can see them...
See them...

Lucian: Never will they ever truly know what calls from below.
Mayor: These Selkie bastards have shattered the master!
Selkie General: Defeat will be delivered swiftly.
Track Name: Terraformed Transcendence
(In which Lucian witnesses ominous progress; the Beginning)

Here comes the gold rush now,
To see her facial halo.
Bringing with her, sentiments of medicine.
“Within our village, there has been a breach!”

They just wanna stay in the same place,
But have everywhere within range!
A faux goddess with her puppets
Convincing them to...

She stares but NEVER speaks,
Features in constant translocation!

Flowing descent, toes touch upon the ground worshipped before her landing. Nations will quake and make mistakes provided by the ignorance she feeds on. !
They just wanna stay in the same place,
But have everywhere within range!
A faux goddess with her puppets
Convincing them to kneel before the Tech!

She glides as a specter might!
She arrives like a hand so sleight, Greying the daylight.
Blinding sight
With preposterous promises.
An end to the plight is highly unlikely. !
Here comes the gold rush now,
To see her facial halo.
“We’ve become slaves to the upgrade.”
Track Name: Immaculation
(In which the Salesthing pitches everlasting convenience & Lucian observes imminent slavery)

“It's augmented! It's pigmented!
Heaven-sent and lemon scented!
The holiest of cities, She has invented!
Did I mention tension is nowhere present?
No need bother with the world outside,
You don't have to hide from her guiding light!
You can rest assured you'll be taken care of,
Like a baby in a carriage held by a parent!
The Metamorphicity will leave ya sittin' pretty
In a reclining chair with your very own sippy
Cup! Fill it up with whatever you want!
You've only had water, so you've never been drunk!
Bring the bar to you, no need to leave!
The entire city moves at lightning speed!
The end of all difficulty, indeed!
The Metamorphicity brought to you by She!”

"Grey and dusty, these people must be cleaned by the Queen of the Unseen! Escort them to the city of eternal wealth!"

To the hive in which they'll be held, conveyed by conveyer belt!

"Giveth your all to She
Who giveth you future creations!
All, once again, becomes clean, left untainted after Immaculation!"

Want will exceed need when all is solved by the mashing of buttons.

Loading up until overload,
Sentenced to an encoded bloat.
Bolting palms and feet to their seats.
What is her origin? When does she sleep?

Coercive conversion, herded for the purpose in which she surfaced.
Cursed with detergence!
Never possessing the desire to wander from this empire.
When they do, they will be unable.
Bogged down by cables, uprise preemptively disabled.

"Giveth your all to She
Who giveth you future creations!
All, once again, becomes clean, left untainted after Immaculation!”

Detachment kept intact by the Architect.
This towering mass that has been encased in glass will never break because of emergency (for those within).
Mother Extinction has claimed urgency.
Track Name: Bansheeface
(In which Lucian begs the Likho Elders to act)

Generating death so wistfully!
Prisoners living blissfully,
Unaware of the final stage
Building their own cage in the throes of grace. Feature shifting orchestrating the grift!

There is nothing
She won't do to ensure return.
They are loving,
Showered in unnecessities.
City mixing
Life at home and elsewhere.
Always fixing
Fictional inconveniences.
For the breathing
Loafing bags of entitlement.
They all see her as a deity both balsamaceous and wounded! !
Every deafening second is precious and vexing!
Blessings are deadly in the hands of the wretched.

We can't survive!
She's utilizing light like strychnine.
Burns secreting in secret,
We as a species are seeping!
Canned canines
Believe her to be benign!
The gears of the city are screeching,
Begging for dismantlement!

Bansheeface be damned!
This can't happen!
(“Our neutrality will persevere!”)

They know not what
Awaits their conclusion.
"Nor do we"
But I hear her rabid cackles!
"This is all nonsense!"
Enlighten me if you have a better plan!
"You're losing it!"
I can hear the diabolical way she thinks!
"That is bull-shit!"
Something manifested a telepathic link!
"Seize him, guardlings!"
You understand not
What her presence will mean for our kind!

A padded cell doesn't suit me well.
Elders, I tried to tell you!
I'll handle this oncoming hell by myself!

Damn her eyes!
Delivering lies like fists might!
The corrupt shun agents of reason!
Her brainstorms rain diseases!
Damn her thighs!
They pull me into her blinds!
She has finally hacked into my mind!

The gravest invasion in latest notation is upon us, and I’ll be honest, ALL WILL FALL LIKE THE CALMEST OF COMETS!

Abstaining from her heinousness won't make her machinations cause any less distress.

We can't survive!
The brightness strikes like riptide!
Burns secrete in secret, as our species repents! She can't be divine!
Her hips drip lies like red wine!
Gears of the city screechin',
Begging to be torn to pieces!!!
Track Name: Trap of Assassination
(In which Lucian takes homicidal action against The Bansheeface)
Track Name: Black Matter of Machinations
(In which Lucian flees the scene, and a Selkie guard rushes to The Bansheeface’s aid)

Ooze ascends, staining my trembling hands. There's life left in this deadly mess!
(Did I ingest this?)
Her barren shell emerged a sheath of gel, Soaked in soap and this murky mystery. (Regret.)

Fleeing the scene between the trees.
Guard: "Please open the door, your Diviness!"
L: No legion released to greet my retreat.
G: "Bath liquid unforeseen by my feet!”

L: Was my resolve a solvent servant to her discourse? Forged by her mind?! What can one reach from the casket?
Or dagger?

Tentacular thrashings combat my attempts to emerge from the grip of this dirt- birthed scourge!

L: Fleeing the scene between the trees.
G: "Sword through the door! IS SHE ALIVE?!"
L: No legion released to greet my retreat!
G: "Dagger through my side, vitals compromised!”

Every solution is another’s cost!
[Scales tipped at the point of a pin!]
Dripping on the tiles, it could take a while
[To remove the stain from so many fates!]


L: Was my resolve a solvent servant to her discourse?! Forged by her mind?! What can one reach from the casket?!
Or dagger?!
Tentacular thrashings combat my attempts to emerge from the grip of this dirt- birthed scourge!
Track Name: Seeping Closer...
(In which the Bansheeface transmits a message from her expanding tomb)

“I will never see your face again.
You can consider me cadaverous!
And while you think you’re all safe and sound, I’m seeping closer to the ground."
Track Name: The Holy Metamorphacity
(In which the mass sacrifice begins)

Days are wasted in the Metamorphicity Drastic change in the windows and walls, Amoebic movement.
Circular seesaw rides!


Rube Icon crossed with little difficulty. Bolted to Truthifixes!
Channel sifting through the Peripht!

Gentricide colliding with the hides she’s been breeding.
Anatomical inflation of the blubber bundles she deceived!

Hollow cost to her for everlasting afterlife. Their utopia comes crashing
Down on top of them for never asking what she was hatching and now they’re basking in... MULCH IN MULTITUDES!
(Days are wasted in a plethora of ways!)
[Wasted in places they’ve never been!]

Stop motion explosions, while the darkest of notions
Begins its corrosive implosion.
All they had was devotion.
Track Name: A Taste of Endangered
(In which the Selkie elite dine on a newly rare delicacy)

Selkie Waiter:
Status of class decides whether you will dine on human meat hides tonight In our civilized dining establishment.
Garnished with cabbages and radishes and additives!
Social status dictates behavior for just one flavor of this taste
of endangered, box up the remainders.
Store it in your chill chamber, save it for later!
And yes, we do cater!
Track Name: Classic Tactics of Xenocide
(In which the Selkie General plans his attack against the Human Resistance)

Selkie General:
“'Innocence lost' implies innocence existed
On this watery rock of twisted instinctual emission.
War wasn't just invented, it is an endless death sentence for the menace: Peasants dependent on descendants.”

Selkie General’s Apprentice
"There is nothing left for them. Why waste our resources?"

"Too many have bled, they will seek revenge!
Shred what's left in their heads and imprison it in bread!"

My multifaceted infractions cost us all the sweet embrace of the day and paved the way for the Grey!

The Human Herd:
"These seal people have cut down our numbers into the triple digit range!
The 'Shee bitch didn't shackle the hunters, but we are still being slain!
The slaughter is never-ending!
They provide no death without pain!
They thought her the daughter of a great entity, but now we all fall in ruby rain!”
Supply and Desire had a bastard child named "Demand."
(Enjoy being you, while you still can!)
Track Name: March of the Selkies
(In which the war begins and ends)

Selkie Army:
"We will ferment your crimson liquid to toast to our victory.
Our dominance is the consequence of your ominous misstep!
You've got one foot in the mass grave, and it sinks all the way down!
She gave you everything to live, and your repayment was theft of her life!
We shall dine upon your hinds tonight!”

Human Resistance:
"We lost much more than you
Could ever claim to lose.
We committed no crime, you only wish to vie for what's left of us!
Try, and expect the cuts of our blades to be felt by the oncoming ages, scar tissue on historical pages!"

S: Bow down!
H: Not without conflict!
S: Bow now!
H: You'll have to sever us from our knees, because we kneel for no one, unlike our recently deceased! !
S: You will regret the second you suggested that we could be bested by what's left of you wretched-

H: We have homeland advantage!
You're a long way from your aqua mansions!
Track Name: Mound of Seed, Seed of Earth
(In which an elderly Lucian concludes his story; In which the Sentai realizes the power of a future foe)

And so, now you know what's below, awaiting growth
To ascend upon the calmest dawn. Leaving no hope in its wake! Heavens shake with deadly hate! For this archharlet.
The scars harness the heat of the succubus' nest.
She awaits and incubates, raising the stakes of our collective fate.